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Everything 5 Pounds Review

I love buying new clothes however I don’t like the expense of them! Thankfully I’ve discovered the budget fashion website Everything 5 pounds and as the name suggests everything is only £5! Everything 5 pounds sells a huge variety of ladies fashion, everything from shoes to coats. Everything 5 Pounds also sells men’s and children’s clothes so there is something for everyone. The site is updated every single day with new stock and there is a limited amount available so some of the best stuff can sell out quickly! Amazingly despite the fact that the prices are already just £5, Everything 5 pounds also regularly has a sale on where prices are just £2.50! Madness! I recently ordered two pairs of jeans at £2.50 and was very pleasantly surprised when they came, not expecting much for those prices!

everything 5 pounds order
My £2.50 Jeans 🙂

I discovered Everything 5 pounds about 18 months ago and have ordered from them about twice a month on average ever since. I’m a huge fan of Everything 5 pounds and I probably get about 75% of my wardrobe from them now! You may be a little cautious about ordering from this site, I mean the clothes are cheap so you may be wondering why. I thought I would offer my review of the site based on my experiences as a customer.

What is the Quality Like? Where do the clothes come from?

These are probably the questions that most people ask the most when it comes to Everything 5 pounds. The clothing on offer are actually ex stock from various retailers including many high street brands. The labels are often removed to prevent identification although sometimes you can still make out the brand. So far I have had clothing that originally came from Next, H&M, New Look, Primark, Zara and ASOS amongst others (Sometimes not all labels are removed so have been able to tell the brand). They also sell non branded clothing which are typically the kind of clothes you’d find on a market stall or that have been shipped over from Asia. On the website they do not tell you where an item originally came from so there’s no way to tell until it arrives. Because the clothing sold on Everything 5 pounds are made up of various brands and non brands, the quality is not always easy to determine. However, I have received many orders now and I have found no complaint with the vast majority of items. It can also mean that sizing is not uniform due the various brands although I have found about 95% of stuff I’ve bought to be true to size. Thankfully it is easy to return anything you aren’t satisfied with.

Postage and Returns

Delivery costs start at £3.95. The postage price depends on the total weight of the order but normally will stay at £3.95 for the first 3 items and then will increase for 4+ items. The postage costs for shoes are usually a little higher due to weight. There is also the option for next day delivery starting at £5.40. The returns process is straightforward, I have returned several items in the past and have always received my refund. You always get an email to let you know your returns have been received and your refund processed.

My Everything 5 pounds Tips – Here are my tips for getting the most out of Everything 5 Pounds.

Like the Facebook Page

Everything 5 pounds has its own Facebook page. Every evening they post a preview of pictures of the items that are going to be added to the website the next day. It is therefore good to follow the page in order to see if there’s anything you want so you can get in there early the next day!

Check the website early

Everything 5 pounds updates its website every morning, usually around 11am but can sometimes be earlier. Certain items can sell out fast especially coats, boots and jeans which are usually popular. It Is therefore a good idea to check the site from about 9 am to make sure the item you are interested in doesn’t sell out before you have chance to buy.

Top Cashback

On Top Cashback Everything 5 pounds are currently offering 7.35% cash back for new customers and 2.1% cashback for existing customers. It’s worth remembering to buy through Top cashback as every little extra money helps!

Read Reviews

There’s not a whole lot of reviews on Everything 5 Pounds considering many items aren’t in stock for long, however, there are some. The reviews are often useful for determining what the quality and sizing may be like.


Sites Like Everything 5 Pounds

Although Everything 5 pounds is the largest and most popular discount fashion retailer there are few similar sites popping up now.

Less Than 10 Pounds

Less than 10 Pounds is a site very similar to Everything 5 Pounds where, you’ve guessed it, everything is less than a tenner! Most items seem to be sold for around the £5 mark but there are many for just a few quid. I’ve bought from Less than 10 pounds in the past and been pleased with what I received. Like Everything 5 pounds, many of the stock are high street labels (with labels cut out) as well as non branded stuff. Less than 10 pounds isn’t as big as Everything 5 pounds and doesn’t update as often but still worth checking out for a fashion bargain!

Black Betty

I had never heard of this site until a week ago, but their page popped up on my facebook feed so I had to have a look. I haven’t personally ordered anything from Black Betty yet but looking at the prices I’m sure I will do soon. Black Betty sells discounted fashion, on their homepage they claim they offer 70-90% off high street fashion. Prices vary a little more than the other two sites I’ve mentioned but it looks like the majority of items cost under 10 pounds. Black Betty updates the site every day and seems to have a large inventory of clothing and accessories. Black Betty definitely looks like a great place to look for cheap fashion.

Everything 5 pounds is a brilliant site for buying fashion and at great low prices. In fact I struggle to pay normal prices for clothing now as I know I can update my wardrobe for a lot less! Fashion does not have to be expensive as these sites prove and I recommend anyone to give them a try.

everything 5 pounds review

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  1. This is a great website, I was a little apprehensive that the quality would be really bad when I first ordered. But I’ve now bought clothing from here many times and I am never disappointed.

  2. The jeans you bought look great. I’m another one that lolves fashion, think it is great when you can get nice things cheaply. Have also recently discovered Black Betty but have’t bought anything yet. Do you know of any cheap make up sites? I occasionally look for stuff on Ebay but would be fab to hear about any others.

  3. Good tip with following on Facebook! I’ve ordered from them twice, both with discount codes I think. One jumper was absolutely awful (obviously a Primark finest offering, but it stank to high heaven). The boots I picked up however were fab! I think it’s a bit hit and miss, but certainly not a bad one to give a go! Hadn’t heard of Black Betty either, will take a look-see. x

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