7 Ways to Eat for Free

7 ways to eat for free

7 Ways to eat for free

Food is a necessary expense for all us. Money spent on food often takes up a significant chunk of a families monthly spending. Therefore reducing spending on food is one area where it’s great to be able to save money and even better than paying less for food is getting food for free! Here are 7 ways to eat for free….

Mystery Diner

Whilst Mystery shopping involves visiting shops, with mystery dining you are paid to visit restaurants or other eating establishments. There are many companies you can join where you get paid to purchase a meal and then answer questions about your experience. You then normally get the cost of your meal (don’t forget to keep receipts) and a small fee for the job. Mystery Dining is great way to eat for free and you may even make some extra cash too!
Mystery shopping/Dining companies;

Market Force

ESA Market Research

Retail Active


Us Brits aren’t as good at couponing as the Americans. Most of us are probably missing out on saving money on food by using coupons. With some coupons you may even get a food product for free! One of the easiest places to get coupons from include Supermarket magazines/leaflets and food packaging. I have a habit of cutting out coupons and then forgetting to take them with me so I’ve decided to place any coupons in a unused coin purse and keep them in my bag so there’s no excuses not to use them!


Foraging for free food does need a little caution. There are many edible things that grown in the wild available to forage but some research may be needed to determine what is safe.
Some food to look out for are include;
Berries – Blackberries can be found in many places and are also good as they can be frozen.
Nettles – Easy to find and can be made into a soup.
Wild Garlic – Great for adding flavour to dishes.
Sweet Chestnuts – Can be eaten on their own or roasted and mixed with other foods.

Become a Freegan

Freegan is the name given to someone who is committed to eating for free as a way of helping the environment as well as having the obvious bonus of saving money. Freegans look for food that would otherwise be going to waste such as by sifting through bins near supermarkets and other places where food is sold. Taking food from bins is a bit of a grey area as far as the law is concerned so that is something to consider. There is also the organisation Foodcycle which offers free meals and is worth checking out to see if they operate in your area.

Grow your own

Growing your own Fruit, Veg and Herbs can be a satisfying way of acquiring free food. If you have a garden then all you need are some seeds which are available cheaply or sometimes even free. It may be worth investing in a greenhouse and for those without a garden even a simple window box can be used for growing herbs. For the serious Grow your own foodies you may want to consider renting an allotment for a larger area in which to grow fruit and veg.

Free Samples

Many companies offer free samples, often as part of a promotion for a new product. Free samples can be found in stores or outside other places where food is available. Free food samples can also be found online such as on a products website or facebook page. Its worth checking out some sites that share free stuff available such as latestfreestuff.com as there are often food samples included. Another potential way to get free samples is by contacting a food company you like and praising their products – they may send you something for free as a thank you!

Eating out on your Birthday

Did you know that many food chains give you free food or drink on your birthday?! You often need to have signed up to the companies website/app and then when your birthday rolls around they will email you with an offer to receive something for free. Its definitely worth signing up to food chains for this reason. If you are a parent then you can also look out for places that offer a free meal on fathers/mothers day.

Getting free food is certainly a bonus for any money saver. I know I will definately be trying some of these ways to eat for free.

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