7 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

7 budget kitchen makeover ideas

7 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas.

When we went to view our current house that we bought last year, I admittedly didn’t pay enough attention to the kitchen. I remember thinking how great it was to have so many cupboards and therefore a decent amount of storage and thinking it looked ‘ok’. After the viewing I could barely remember what the kitchen was like and fast forward to getting the keys and seeing the kitchen for the first time in 2 months I realised I wasn;t crazy about it. The cupboard doors were badly chipped, the tiles were cracked and falling off, the wooden worktop was badly discoloured and the floor lino was ripped in parts. The kitchen walls were bright pink with one wall covered in bright floral wallpaper, I mean I quite like pink but this was a bit too much!

kitchen makeover on a budget

So I really wanted to make some changes to the kitchen. The problem is after the huge expense of buying a house we certainly did not have the budget for a brand new kitchen. However we realised there were still some changes we could make to improve the look of the kitchen that didn’t cost the earth. Our kitchen makeover is currently a work in progress! Here are some pictures of our changes so far and I thought I’d offer 7 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas….

1. Walls! Painting the kitchen walls or adding wallpaper is a simple way to change the look of your kitchen. As I mentioned before, The bright pink and current wallpaper was not really my thing so the first thing we did was to remove the wallpaper and paint the walls a light grey. The kitchen instantly looked more modern and I preferred a more neutral colour that I could pair with some more colourful kitchen accessories.

2. Change the colour scheme – It is easy to give any kitchen an easy makeover simply by changing the colour scheme. Along with painting the walls a different colour we also bought kitchen items in our chosen colours. We decided on the colours grey, yellow and green for our kitchen and so we purchased a green toaster and kettle, yellow and green tea towels and a yellow floral wall canvas amongst other items. There are lots of cheap things to buy that add colour to a kitchen.

3. Paint the kitchen Units. – Our kitchen units did not look to pretty thanks to the chipped paintwork. Seeing as they needed painting anyway we decided to paint them white instead of their original cream and so we bought some paint from B&Q specifically intended for painting cupboard doors. Repainting every door and unit did turn out to be bloody huge job. First we had to unscrew every door and lay them out on sheets in our garden where I would do the painting. Each side of the door needed 3 coats of paint and with the amount of cupboards our kitchen has this took forever! We also had the inside of each cupboard and edges of the units to paint. The final result is not perfect as I accidently left some drips of paint but still an improvement on before. To get a professional look and save doing it yourself, there are companies out there that spray the units for you!

4. Tiles – Tiles are a great way to improve your kitchen décor. There are so many Tile designs to choose from so you can really have fun being creative with your kitchens look. Our kitchen originally had cream and black tiles that desperately needed replacing. We had originally planned on getting dark grey tiles which we thought would look good against the newly painted white units but after browsing a couple of tile shops we came across our chosen tiles in the clearance section of our local independent shop. Its definitely worth browsing a few different shops as that gave us ideas and we ended up with a bargain.

5. Worktops – Its possible to change your kitchen worktops whilst keeping the original units. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of our newly acquired wooden ones. The biggest issue is discolouration and black marks being left which I suspect is caused by water. Wooden worktops need occasional sanding and oiling to keep them looking good. I’ve been looking at laminate worktops which wouldn’t cost too much.

6. Flooring – Our kitchen flooring really has seen better days! There were already some stains to the floor which the previous owners had covered with a rug and then we went and accidentally tore the lino when we were installing our washing machine. Consequently I think replacing our flooring would make a big difference to the overall look of the kitchen. We have been in touch with a flooring person and been quoted £200 for new lino so not a huge cost really.

7. Buy new Accessories and Gadgets! – Just adding some new pictures to the wall or a pretty ornament can really make a kitchen look great also focus the eye away from anything not so great about your kitchen. Ikea is a fab place to look for cheap kitchen accessories and I also find some great kitchen bargains on Amazon.

Even if you dislike your kitchen there are lots of small changes you can make that will really make a difference and without having to pay for a whole new kitchen. Hopefully you may find these 7 budget kitchen makeover ideas have provided some inspiration :).

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