30 Easy Money Saving Tips for Families

easy money saving tips for families

Easy Money Saving Tips for Families

Trying to save money is a necessity for many families. Having children means extra financial costs – We all know how expensive raising a family can be! If you are trying to live on a budget or just need to save money in the short term then fortunately there are lots of ways to save money. Here are my 30 Easy money saving tips for Families;

1. Meal Plan

Food is one of the biggest expenses families have and so one of the best ways to save money is to make changes to how you buy and consume food. Meal planning is a great way to spend less money on food. By planning each meal for the week you know exactly what your having each meal time and can hopefully avoid buying any additional food. You can also plan meals using the same ingredients to save money.

2. Take your own drinks and snacks when going out

When you go out anywhere with kids they often want you to buy them snacks or complain they’re thirsty. Buying food and drink from places can be pricey so it’s definitely a good idea to buy multi-packs from the supermarket and take your own.

3. Buy Second Hand

Just about anything is good to buy second hand. Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook and charity shops are all good places to buy second hand goods that can be considerably cheaper than buying new.

4. Consider changing Utilities provider

Changing your gas or electricity supplier to a cheaper one is an easy way to save money. Some people are daunted by the idea of switching provider but it very easy now to do. USwitch has information on how to do so.

5. Use Own Supermarket Brands

Own supermarket brands including value brands are obviously cheaper than branded products and taste just as good!

6. Find a Sure Start Centre

If you have young children then Sure Start centres can be a great place to find free activities to do. Click here to find your nearest Sure Start Centre.

7. Visit the Library

There’s no need to buy books when you can get them for free at the library. Going to the library is also a nice free place to go with the kids.

8. Find out when local Supermarkets reduce their foods

Food often gets reduced, sometimes to next to nothing! These yellow sticker reduced items are usually found in the evenings, so it can be a good idea to go shopping close to store closing time to find some bargains.

9. Turn the Heating down

Having the heating on costs money. Consider turning it down and using simple ways to keep warm like dressing warmer and keeping doors closed.

10. Cut Mobile Phone Contracts 

Mobile phones are a necessity in modern times but many people get tied into expensive contracts. Going pay as you go is often much cheaper and you can get free SIM cards from networks like Giffgaff.

11. Make meals with leftovers

There’s no need to throw away leftovers if you can use them to make other meals. Some recipes in which leftovers could be used are in pies, omelettes or could be reheated the next day.

12. Shop online

Most supermarkets offer online delivery. The good thing about doing online food shopping is that you don’t have all the temptation of seeing other items like you do in store. Shopping online can make it easier to spend less money.

13. Check Freecycle for things you are thinking of buying

It’s amazing what people give away for free. If there’s anything you need or are thinking of buying then check freecycle sites first, you never know what you might find!

14. Walk instead of Driving or getting the Bus.

Walking is not only free but is good exercise!

15. Check Direct Debits

It’s always a good idea to regularly check your direct debits. It helps you to be aware of some of your outgoings and you can check you aren’t paying any direct debits you don’t need to.

16. Always look for voucher codes before eating out somewhere

If you are planning on eating out then check online before you go, for vouchers. Many chain restaurants and other eating establishments have regular discount offers. The MoneySavingExpert site is a good place to check.

17. Look out for Annual passes for local attractions

Is there a local attraction such as a farm or theme park you visit regularly? It might be worth getting an annual pass to save money overall. Some places even discount their annual passes, usually in January.

18. Eat less Meat

Meat is usually one of the most expensive food items to buy. One way to spend less money on the food shop is to buy less meat and cook more vegetarian meals.

19. Get rid of subscription TV Channels

Sky or Virgin can be a high monthly expense. Freeview still has a good range of channels and there is also Netflix or Now TV for cheaper viewing options.

20. Stock up when items are on offer 

If you happen to find some real bargains that you would use then it might be worth stocking up as it will work out cheaper in the long run.

21. Don’t take purse out with you

You can’t spend money if you don’t have it!

22. Use less than recommended washing powder and fabric softener

Using half the usual amount of things like washing powder or washing up liquid makes them last longer and you will probably find they clean just as well.

23. Bulk out meals with Carrots and Lentils

Bulking out meals with cheaper foods like carrots, lentils and beans mean using less of the pricier ingredients in meals whilst still being filling.

24. Buy cheap packs of Birthday Cards

It can feel like you’re forever buying birthday cards, especially when you have school aged kids that get invited to parties. It works out cheaper to buy packs of birthday cards from places like Amazon than buying them individually.

25. Sign up for Loyalty Cards

If you regularly shop in Tesco, Sainsburys or Boots then signing up to their loyalty cards are worth doing. Each time you spend with them you earn points which can be used to purchase things.

26. Write a List before you go shopping

Write a list of the items you need before you go shopping and stick to it.

27. Utilise your freezer

Many foods are fine to be frozen so if you see food on offer then think about freezing it before it goes out of date.

28. Do your own Haircuts

Ok so this could have the potential to go wrong but kids cuts at least aren’t too tricky to do! You can even find videos on YouTube that show you how to cut hair.

29. Look for free activities

When you have kids then they often want entertaining which can cost money! There’s many places to take kids for free including Museums, National Trust places (Free for under 5s), Free Festivals and of course parks.

30. Stop Buying Takeaways

Takeaways are a treat that sometimes need to go when you’re trying to save money. Pizza from the supermarket costs a fraction of the price of takeaway pizza and you can also make your favourite dishes yourself with a ‘fakeaway’ recipe.

Hopefully by trying some of these simple money saving tips you can save your family money. 🙂

easy money saving tips for families

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  1. These tips are great. Supermarket own brands are definitely worth a try, I think this is probably where we save the most. Think that pizza from the Supermarket instead of a takeaway is the best one, definitely less daunting and time consuming than making a fakeaway recipe. I find that the Asda fresh pizzas are the best. The large ones are £4 and the smaller ones are 2 for £4, even better when they are reduced.

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