My 8 Favourite Ikea Buys for under £10!

favourite ikea buys for under £10

I’m an Ikea addict. I can (and do) spend hours there every time I visit and always end up buying many unplanned items that I just could not resist. Ikea is great for buying all sorts of household items on budget and is always great value for money. With us moving house at the end […]

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7 Ways to Eat for Free

7 ways to eat for free

7 Ways to eat for free Food is a necessary expense for all us. Money spent on food often takes up a significant chunk of a families monthly spending. Therefore reducing spending on food is one area where it’s great to be able to save money and even better than paying less for food is […]

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Is Sky Q worth it? My Sky Q Review

my sky q review

Is Sky Q worth getting? Sky is the biggest satellite TV provider in the U.K. Most people will probably have heard of Sky’s latest offering In 2016 – Sky Q. With Sky Q you can record 3 shows while watching a fourth or even record four and watch a fifth with the 2tb box. A […]

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2 Ingredient Yoghurt Pizza Base

2 ingredient yoghurt pizza

2 Ingredient Yoghurt Pizza Base You wont find many recipe posts on this blog as I’m truly hopeless at cooking. Most of the time cooking to me involves reheating something in the microwave. Many many recipe attempts end up with me having to chuck my creation in the bin, however even I didn’t fail at […]

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6 Documentaries About Money on Netflix

6 documentaries about money on netflix

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Interested in Money? Here is my compilation of 6 of the best Documentaries about money on Netflix and available in 2017.. Betting On Zero Recently added to Netflix, Betting on Zero is a 2016 documentary directed by Ted Braun. The documentary investigates the company Herbalife and whether it […]

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