7 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

7 budget kitchen makeover ideas

7 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas. When we went to view our current house that we bought last year, I admittedly didn’t pay enough attention to the kitchen. I remember thinking how great it was to have so many cupboards and therefore a decent amount of storage and thinking it looked ‘ok’. After the viewing I […]

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Everything 5 Pounds Review – Fashion on a Budget

my everything 5 pounds review

Everything 5 Pounds Review I love buying new clothes however I don’t like the expense of them! Thankfully I’ve discovered the budget fashion website Everything 5 pounds and as the name suggests everything is only £5! Everything 5 pounds sells a huge variety of ladies fashion, everything from shoes to coats. Everything 5 Pounds also […]

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My 8 Favourite Ikea Buys for under £10!

favourite ikea buys for under £10

I’m an Ikea addict. I can (and do) spend hours there every time I visit and always end up buying many unplanned items that I just could not resist. Ikea is great for buying all sorts of household items on budget and is always great value for money. With us moving house at the end […]

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7 Ways to Eat for Free

7 ways to eat for free

7 Ways to eat for free Food is a necessary expense for all us. Money spent on food often takes up a significant chunk of a families monthly spending. Therefore reducing spending on food is one area where it’s great to be able to save money and even better than paying less for food is […]

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