The Reverse Advent Calendar

the reverse advent calendar

The Reverse Advent Calendar

You’ve heard of Advent Calendars but have you heard of a Reverse Advent Calendar? No? I hadn’t either until recently. I became aware of the Reverse Advent Calendar thanks to the UK Money Bloggers Group and their campaign to raise awareness. Unlike a traditional Advent Calendar which you open every day during December until Christmas and RECEIVE something, with the Reverse version you DONATE something. Unfortunately there are many people out there struggling to afford food and basics that many of us take for granted. Nobody should have to go hungry especially at Christmas
December is apparently the busiest year for food banks, not surprising really as Christmas brings about extra spending and Bills like gas and electric can go up. There have also been some changes here in the U.K to things like Benefits recently, leaving some families worse off financially.
The Reverse Advent Calendar is a great way to get into the spirit of giving this Christmas and is also something that children can get involved in too.

What do I need?

reverse advent calendar box

To create a Reverse Advent Calendar you first need some sort of box to put the items in. You can then try and separate the items by day using some sort of divider (maybe by using strips of cardboard?) like a traditional advent calendar. In all honesty though there’s no need to worry about that, you can just place the goods straight in the box, the important thing is just getting the donations together! Again you may want to put 25 things in the box like the typical advent calendars but more is definitely welcomed of course.
Food Banks mainly require packaged/tinned food with a long shelf life and toiletries.

Some food ideas;

Baked Beans
Tea Bags
Bottles/Cartons of Juice
Tinned Vegetables.

Toiletries Ideas;

Tampons and Sanitary Towels
Shower Gel
Baby Wipes
Toilet Roll.

There are the basic things that food banks always need, however you may want to add items a bit more special seeing as its Christmas, things like chocolate, cakes, fudge (packaged only), bubble bath, nice drinks etc.

reverse advent calendar

Where do I take my Reverse Advent Calendar?

Once your Reverse Advent Calendar is complete you simply take it to a Food Bank. To find your local Food Bank you can use google or check out The Trussell Trust website which has a map of food banks in the U.K. I actually found some nearby food banks by asking on a local Facebook group so that’s another way to find them. Ideally you want to get your Reverse Advent Calendar to the food bank by the end of November but just getting it there is what matters!

I think the Reverse Advent Calendar is a lovely idea to give a little something at Christmas. It’s a shame that anybody needs to use a food bank in this country but hopefully we can all help in some way to tackle food poverty.
I’m just waiting to get my hands on a box and then I will update with a picture, feel free to share your Reverse Calendars too!

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  1. I am doing this at the moment, so far have got tins of soup, tinned fruit, UHT milk, yoghurt covered bananas and biscuits. Hope that lots of people do this this year, as its such a good idea.

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