My Money Goals for July and August

my money goals for july and august

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These are my Money Goals for July and August…

Pay off Next Account

I think I have a Next kids clothes addiction. I cant seem to stop buying cute clothes for daughter and telling myself she needs them when most of the time she doesn’t. Trouble is that when I signed up for a Next Account a few years ago, I instantly got given a credit account with a high limit and we all know that can be a slippery slope to overspending.. There has recently been a summer sale which I took advantage of and got some good stuff but now my balance is too high for my liking. I’m planning on gradually paying my Next balance off using money I earn online, hopefully I can make a large payment towards it this month.

Sell last of Summer Stuff on Ebay

I’ve been Ebaying non stop the past few months, mostly selling my daughters summer clothes from last year and even previous years. Its always a good idea to sell seasonal stuff at the right time which is why I have waited until now to Ebay most of it. I seem to have lost my Ebay mojo though as I was starting to get bored of the endless picture taking and listing so haven’t put anything on for the last 2 weeks. I still have more summer stuff to sell though so need to get it listed asap before everyone starts looking for autumn/ winter wear!

Sign up for Web Evaluator work

Web Evaluator work is amongst the best paying online jobs out there. You typically get paid above minimum wage and so this kind of work is very sought after. The application process can be quite long and difficult however and so you may not be accepted. Several years ago I applied for one of the main companies that hire people, Lionbridge but sadly did not pass the exam required to be accepted. I remember that it took me an age to complete the test which then put me off applying for any other Web Evaluator companies at the time. I keep meaning to try again as obviously I’m always on the lookout for more money earning revenues and the work even sounds quite interesting. I think I will apply to Appen Butler Hill and see how that goes..

Edit my CV

With my daughter starting school in September, it feels like I’m entering a new stage in my life. I have been a stay at home mum since she was born, mainly as I didn’t have a job to go back to anyway (pregnant in my last year of uni) and there didn’t seem much point with childcare costs. I’d always planned to get a job once my daughter started school so I guess the time has come! I know its not going to be easy to find a job as I’m ideally looking for something part time which seems to be a little harder to find and have been out of the workplace for 7 years now! I really need to figure out what exactly I’m going to put on my CV to explain the past 4 years of my life.

Cancel Unessential Direct Debits

I only have a handful of direct debits that I pay from my own bank account as me and my partner have a joint account where all the bills and other direct debits go out from. However I did have a couple that I could get rid of to save money. I think my weight watchers payment is going to have go as its £21 a month and is not really working for me as I’ve barely lost anything since January, although I haven’t been strictly following it as I seem to have no willpower! I’m also going to get rid of my Microsoft Office direct debit and solely use Open Office instead.

I think money making and money saving is going to be harder in July and August as my daughter has already finished preschool for the summer and so I have less opportunity to get things done in peace! We are also going on holiday for 2 weeks mid August so I only have less than 4 weeks to go about achieving my goals.

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  1. My ex also found a slippery slope with a Next account (but he didn’t have a daughter to buy cute clothes for, he just kept buying himself more tops and jeans!)
    All the very best with this month and next, you can do it!
    Caz x

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