Book Review: The Million Dollar Blog

the million dollar blog book review

The Million Dollar Blog BOOK Review.

If you didn’t know already, blogging can be a great way to make money! Most people start blogs simply because they enjoy writing but blogs have the potential to earn money which can be a big attraction to start blogging. Blogs can be monetised through the likes of affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, freebies amongst others. Having recently started the one wage family blog myself I was keen to discover any ways to earn extra cash from the blog and was also generally interested in reading about the many hugely successful blogs out there. I ordered the Million Dollar Blog Book from Amazon, intrigued by the title (Can blogs really make a million dollars?!) and the good reviews.


The Million Dollar Blog is written by Natasha Courtenay-Smith, an expert on digital marketing and a blog owner. In a nutshell, the book offers practical advice on starting and owning a blog and this is interspersed with interviews with some of the worlds leading bloggers and vloggers. The book is split into two parts; Part One covers the Prelaunch stage of a blog and discusses things like why you should blog and what to think about before you begin. Part two focuses on Launching your blog and creating content as well as getting traffic and using social media.

the million dollar book review

What I thought

I really enjoyed reading The Million Dollar Blog. I thought it combined useful practical advice with entertaining and interesting interviews and details about established blogs.
Part one talks about the background of blogging. The book immediately draws you in as it talks about a situation at a London Fashion Week where the majority of attendees were bloggers! It goes to show the amount of influence bloggers can have and how times have changed!

If you are just at the stage of thinking about starting a blog then part one of the book is particularly useful. The Million Dollar Blog discusses the reasons for starting a blog and general info on what blogging is all about. There is also a chapter on creating your ‘brand’ which is ideal reading for anyone in the early stages of blog creation.
Chapter 5 in Million Dollar Blog talks about how blogs make money! It covers various ways to monetize blogs which is what many bloggers want to know.

Part 2 of the book contains more practical information particularly relevant for those already blogging. It tackles one of the biggest concerns for bloggers – getting traffic! Some of the general topics included in the second half of the book are content creation, SEO, social media and vlogging.

My favourite thing about Million Dollar Blog is the interviews with successful bloggers which feature throughout the book. You will see boxes appear with questions and answers from a selection of the big bloggers out there which makes for interesting reading. The book also touches on some of the different niches of blogging such as ‘mummy bloggers’ and includes tips from mum blogger ‘Honest Mom’ and an editor at Mumsnet.
There’s a couple of pages designed for you to be able to write in yourself such as a page where you can fill in your goal plan for your blog which some might find useful.

Overall I would definitely recommend The Million Dolllar Blog Book. I haven’t read any other books on the subject of blogging so not sure how it compares but I found this book full of useful advice on blogging. The format of the book makes it easy to read and the information is presented in an entertaining way. I think anyone interested in blogging would enjoy this book :).

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the million dollar blog book review

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  1. Thank you for this review. This is a book that I’ve looked at a couple of times but didn’t know much about it. The idea of reading interviews, and looking at ways to generate blog traffic, really does sound interesting!

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