My 8 Favourite Ikea Buys for under £10!

favourite ikea buys for under £10

I’m an Ikea addict. I can (and do) spend hours there every time I visit and always end up buying many unplanned items that I just could not resist. Ikea is great for buying all sorts of household items on budget and is always great value for money. With us moving house at the end of last year we had loads to buy for our new house and so a trip to Ikea was in order. According to out receipt we ended up purchasing 50 items (Ooops) many of them not only useful but cheap! Here is a list of my favourite Ikea buys for under £10..

Box with Lid (3 pack) (£1.75)

You can never have enough storage boxes! These cute small plastic storage boxes with a lid are perfect for containing all sorts, I use mine for Clothes Pegs, hair clips and Pens.

ikea storage boxes 2017

Children’s Stool  (£5.50)

This children’s stool is lightweight and surprisingly sturdy. The stool is multifunctional – We use it as a bedside table at night and a chair for my daughter to sit on in the playroom in the day.

plastic ikea stool

Bed Pocket (£5)

I love this Bed pocket! The Bed pocket is an item I hadn’t seen before until I came across it in Ikea. We find it very useful for storing my daughters small toys and books that she insists of taking to bed with her. The Bed Pocket also comes in 3 bright colours – Pink, Orange and Green which look awesome in any kids bedroom.

ikea pink bed pocket

Side Table (£7)

Where else can you find a side table for under £10 but Ikea! This side table comes in various colours and finishes and is very easy to put together. We chose the glossy yellow design which is perfect for our playroom as it is nice and colourful and fits in with our yellow and teal colour scheme! 🙂

ikea yellow side table

Hanging Shoe Organiser (£5)

I actually bought this hanging Shoe organiser for the purpose of storing my daughters soft toys after seeing people do the same on Pinterest. This shoe organiser is therefore great for storing not only shoes but just about anything.

ikea hanging shoe organiser

Hanger for Door (£3)

Our new house didn’t have any coat hangers on any of the doors so these were a must have that we picked up at Ikea. They simply hand over the door so no nailing required 🙂

ikea door hanger

Sealing Clips (70p)

I already had some of these Sealing Clips from ages ago but was in need of some more as I use them on so many opened packets of food. I love the colours they are available in, we opted for orange, teal and white

ikea sealing clips

Plastic Bag Dispenser (£1.50)

This Plastic Bag Dispenser is one of my favourite Ikea buys. Before we purchased this cool item, we used to chuck all our plastic bags in a cupboard which looked a huge mess. Now we put all our plastic bags in this bag dispenser which looks loads better!

ikea plastic bag dispenser

So there are some of my favourite Ikea Buys for under £10. Just this week I received the new 2017/2018 Ikea catalogue so I’m thinking another Ikea trip will soon be in order!

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