6 Documentaries About Money on Netflix

6 documentaries about money on netflix

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Interested in Money? Here is my compilation of 6 of the best Documentaries about money on Netflix and available in 2017..

Betting On Zero

Recently added to Netflix, Betting on Zero is a 2016 documentary directed by Ted Braun. The documentary investigates the company Herbalife and whether it is a pyramid scheme. Herbalife is known as a MLM (Multi Level Marketing.) and I admit to being interested in these kind of MLM companies, especially as I know people in real life involved in them. Part of the documentary focuses on Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackmans prediction that Herbalife will collapse and alleges the company is actually a pyramid scheme. He makes a financial investment based on his belief that the company is headed for ruin and takes a billion dollar short position against Herbalife (I only understood what ‘short’ meant thanks to watching the film ‘The Big Short’ also on Netflix!). The documentary also follows the people that worked for Herbalife and how they essentially ended up losing money. I definitely recommend watching Betting on Zero.

Capitalism: A Love Story

I do love a Michael Moore Documentary. Capitalism: A love Story is a 2009 documentary that focuses on the late 2000s recession and recovery of the American Economy. The documentary explores capitalism in general and the winners and losers in the current economic model. Michael Moore interviews people from all walks of life from top US politicians to everyday people living in poverty in his own unique style. If you like Michael Moore then you will probably enjoy this documentary.

Requiem for the American Dream

Requiem for the American Dream is a documentary that is based on the testimony of Noam Chomsky in his interviews given over a period of 4 years. Requiem for The American Dream highlights some similar issues as Capitalism: A Love Story such as inequality and democracy. Noam Chomsky raises some important issues about the future and makes for some thought provoking viewing.

The True Cost

The True Cost is a 2015 Documentary directed by Andrew Morgan. The True Cost focuses on the lives of garment factory workers in under developed countries such as Bangladesh. The topic was brought to Morgans attention after the 2013 Savar building collapse where over 1,000 factory workers were killed. The poor working conditions of employees and low wages are highlighted and how demand for this industry has increased due to the concept of ‘fast fashion’.

Living On One Dollar

Living on One Dollar is a documentary film produced by four young friends who film themselves living on one dollar a day in rural Guatemala. The project originally started out as a series of short videos on Youtube and their popularity inspired the friends to produce an almost hour long film. Living One Dollar demonstrates the battles of living on such little money for themselves and the local people they meet. Living on One Dollar is an eye opening documentary worth a watch.

Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away

Although not a documentary, I have added Cant Pay? We’ll Take It Away to the list as its one of my favourite shows on T.V. Originally shown on channel 5, you can now watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Cant Pay? We’ll Take it Away is a reality series following high court bailiffs as they attempt debt collecting and evictions. They frequently encounter hostile debtors which can make for some compelling viewing and it is also interesting to learn of the personal stories and how the people they meet ended up in that situation.

Hopefully this list of 6 Documentaries about money on Netflix has given you some ideas on what to watch next 🙂

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