Could You Win Cash with FREE Lotteries?

win cash with free lotteries

Could you win Cash with Free Lotteries?

I’m sure most of us have fantasised about winning the lottery. I often mentally picture myself getting my hands on the winnings and enjoy thinking about how I’d spend it. Sadly for everyone but a lucky few, winning the lottery remains just a dream. I have in the past bought lottery tickets but obviously with such a low chance of winning it does feel like money down the drain. Spending the odd pound or two can soon add up so its best to avoid paid lotteries in my opinion . But how do you get the thrill of winning the lottery without spending anything? Well the closest thing is to take part in free lotteries – Whilst the prizes are nowhere near the millions you can win from the big lotteries, they are completely free to enter. To fund the prizes and allow people to play for free, these sites normally rely on money generated from advertising. Here are some of the best free lotteries available which give you a chance to win real money or more.

Free Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery is one of the most popular of the free lotteries. This is not to be confused with the Peoples Post Code Lottery which is a pay to enter lottery. The free postcode lottery is easy to play, firstly you need to sign up and register your postcode. Every day a registered postcode is chosen at random and the winner receives £50. You can also earn bonus cash for visiting the site each day and signing up for offers When your bonus amount reaches £5 then you will also to entered into the daily £10 bonus draw. Postcode Lottery also offer an incentive for referring friends using your own unique code. By referring friends you get a £5 bonus, access to the daily £25 referral draw and additionally if any of your friends win then you receive money too! If you connect your Facebook account then you will also be entered into the daily £5 Facebook draw. Potentially there are 4 lottery draws to enter each day increasing your chances of winning something!

Free Birth Date Lottery

Similar to the Post Code Lottery but with birth dates this time. Every day a Date of Birth is selected and if it’s yours you win £50. If any other registered users share the same birthday and claim a prize then the £50 will be split. There is also a daily survey draw with a prize of £10. By signing up for the Free Birth Date Lottery you can also take part in other competitions and games where you can win prizes.

Lucky Phone Lottery

Lucky Phone Lottery is another lottery where you sign up for free. There are three draws and to be entered into the main and mega draw then you need to register with a valid phone number. For the lucky dip draw you don’t need to register your phone number but the jackpot is usually only £10. With the Lucky dip draw you are given a ‘lucky dip’ set of 9 numbers which are automatically entered into every lucky dip draw.
For the main draw you will have need to have confirmed your phone number by entering a 4 digit access code that is sent to you and then you will automatically entered into the main draw where you could win £20. Additionally you will qualify for the Mega draw where you can win up to £1000! The Lucky Phone Lottery also offers free bingo games where you can also win money.

Emoji Lottery

Who would have thought you could play a lottery based on emojis? With the Emoji lottery instead of choosing numbers you choose 5 emojis! You need to be signed up to enter and then you can choose your emojis and be entered into the daily draw. Prizes usually range from £5 to £20.


Raffler differs from the other free lotteries as it is an app rather than a website. Firstly you need to download the app (available for iphone and android) and sign up. To be entered for the daily draw you usually have to scroll through a few adds and then you are given your ticket number. The draw is at 9pm UK time and you will need to check the app to see if you have won. The prize is currently £50 (previously was £1000!). With Raffler you also refer friends with a referral code which increases the jackpot amount you will receive should you win.

Win a Dinner

I’ve included Win a Dinner even though the prizes are mostly food based! Win a dinner is still worth entering as if you are a winner you can choose a voucher for many of the popular eating chains such as Pizza Express, Nandos and Jamies Italian which has a value of around £30. There is also the option of just choosing £20 by Paypal as a prize instead. The draw takes place every day at 4pm.

Free lotteries are worth a go, I mean they are free after all and you never know – you could be the lucky winner!
I have noticed that there have been quite a few of these free lottery sites springing up in the last year or two and some have already disappeared again for whatever reason. I’d therefore suggest that if you do win anything or accumulate points or anything, that you withdraw it straight away where possible. You normally aren’t notified if you are the winner so make sure to check any sites you are signed up to every day to see the results!

win cash with free lotteries

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  1. The Lucky Phone, Raffler & Win A Dinner are new ones to me but I’m on the others…and still waiting to hopefully actually win something one day! Still, worth it when they’re free because you’ve “got to be in it to win it” as they say!

    1. I think there’s also a PeoplesPostcodeLottery that gets talked about and advertised on TV, which is a paid for one. The Freepostcodelottery is the freebie version 🙂

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