Survey Sites that Pay in Amazon Vouchers …

survey sites that pay in amazon vouchers

Survey Sites that pay in Amazon vouchers!

Filling our surveys are a popular way to make money online. Although typically not so well paid they are very easy to do and there are so many survey sites out there that there is good money making potential. Each survey site will vary on how much they pay per survey and the usual methods of receiving payment are either by Paypal, Bank transfer or Vouchers. One of my favourite ways of redeeming from Survey sites is to request Amazon Vouchers. It makes sense for me as I buy a lot from Amazon! I like the feeling that I’m getting my Amazon purchases for free and don’t need to use my own money. Some sites even add a little extra to your balance if you choose Amazon Vouchers as your payment, such as Topcashback. If like me, you prefer to receive Amazon vouchers then you might want to check out the following Survey Sites;

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the largest Survey sites out there. There are tons of surveys on offer at any given time although you will get screened out of many. Global Test Market has recently under gone some changes to their points system. What were previously called Market points are now called Life points and you need 2000 life points to cash out (3000 is around £25).

My Survey

My Survey is another popular Survey sites that also has a good amount of surveys. My Survey operates in points and Surveys typically pay 50-80 points for a 5-25 minutes survey. Occasionally My Survey offer surveys where you can opt to show your face on webcam briefly (when being asked to watch an advert) and these pay 250 points. To cash out you need 550 points which equals £5.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinons is a UK Based survey site that not only plays in Amazon Vouchers but also offers vouchers for British high street stores such as John Lewis and M&S. You need to have accrued £10 to get a pay out.


Mintvine is a good survey site as it seems to have a never ending pool of surveys to complete. The best feature of Mintvine is that you get points even if you have been screened out of a survey )granted only 5/6 points usually but its something!) There is also a daily poll which gives you 5 points. You need 1000 points to cashout ($10)for vouchers or PayPal.


ipoll is a survey site that also offers a variety of mobile surveys on their app. You need a minimum of $25 to get paid.


Survey bods is another decent survey site for U.K residents. Screen outs usually happen within a few questions if they are to happen so it doesn’t feel like your wasting time. To request a pay out you need 1500 points (£15).


Pinecone is one of my favourite survey sites. Survey invitations are sent by email and although they are quite infrequent, Pinecone is one of the highest paid survey sites so they are definitely worth signing up to. Every survey pays £3 (300 points) for a 10-20 minutes survey. There are no screen outs and you can get paid after each survey so no need to wait to build up points.

If you know of any other sites I’ve missed that pay in Amazon Vouchers then please let me know!

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survey sites that pay in amazon vouchers

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