Is it Still worth selling Clothes on Ebay?

is it still worth selling clothes on ebay

Is it still worth selling clothes on ebay ?


Ebay has been around a long time now, since 1995 in fact. I’ve been an ebay user for about 13 years now and have noticed many changes on ebay during this time. Unwanted clothes are the main thing Ive always sold on ebay, however I’m finding certain things not selling as easily as before. You may wonder like myself whether clothes are still worth selling on ebay? The days where you could list an item for 99p and not worry about it selling for more than that seem to be gone, other sellers seem to have realised this too as I’ve noticed that many people start their auctions at a higher price (sometimes being very optimistic) in order to get a decent price for their item. Of course if you sell something for 99p then after paying fees you’ve made barely anything! These days any item of clothing that I don’t think will sell for £2 or more I will give to the charity shop. Sometimes I may list said item first with a starting price of £2 and if it doesn’t sell then I will give it to charity. Rising postage costs and ebay and Paypal fees have certainly had a negative affect on both buying and selling on ebay.. However its not all bad and I do believe that there are still clothes that are worth selling on ebay.

What kind of clothes are good to sell on Ebay?

The Brand of a clothing item is important. All kinds of brands from high street and supermarket to designer can sell well however I find the best are ones that I call ‘middle class’ brands such as Next, Boden, M&S and Joules. Having said that even Primark clothes seem to sell well if they are ‘on trend’, 2 years ago I remember Primark kimonos were selling really well and for higher than the rrp in some cases!

The type of clothing can also be a factor in determining how well it sells. Coats tend to sell well simply as they are a higher priced item so people are willing to pay more even for second hand. Jeans I find also sell well if they are in good condition and from the more popular high street brands. Dresses are another item that are often worth selling as they make an outfit on their own and especially if they are in a ‘current’ fashion they are likely to do well. Personally I find tops and most trousers don’t typically sell as well but they can still be worth listing.

I don’t bother selling shoes purely because they tend to cost more in postage which puts buyers off and they can be harder to package. I imagine that sports branded trainers would probably sell well though so definitely list if you have any to get rid off. Apparently some very worn ladies shoes can sell for a good price, bought by buyers with a fetish for that type of thing but that’s a whole other post!

Tips for selling.

To increase the chances of your clothing item fetching the best price there are a few things you can do;

Sell in season – Think about what other people will be searching for and looking to buy, will someone be looking for shorts in November? Common sense but important to remember to sell clothes in season even if it means hanging on to an item until its the right time to sell.

Buy it now – Although auction is the most popular way to sell on ebay, don’t be afraid to use buy it now. By using buy it now your item is listed on ebay for longer increasing the time people can find it and the right buyer will see it.

Take more than 3 photos – The more pictures the better! Items with at least 3 pictures tend to sell better than those with just one or two.

Write a good title – The title contains the first information about an item anybody will see it needs to describe it well. The size of the item for example is vital to include in the title . Think about what keywords someone might be searching for, so for example you could title your listing ‘Red sleeveless skater dress size 12 ‘ as this describes the item better than just ‘dress size 12’.


Children’s Clothes

Generally children’s clothes are a good seller on ebay, even better than adult clothing. The majority of the stuff I sell on ebay are clothes that my daughter has grown out of. Seeing as kids often grow out of things quickly it makes sense to buy second hand and they are often in good condition having not been worn for long. Clothing bundles are popular on ebay so this can be one way of listing kids clothes – by bundling stuff together. It is very important to only bundle items of the same size e.g all 2-3 years clothes. From experience I would advise not including too many items in a bundle as there is an increased chance an item in a bundle is something the potential buyer doesn’t like or already has and the higher postage is also something to consider. I would say 2-8 items per bundle is probably the best. Bundles normally sell best I find if they all contain the same type of clothing e.g all leggings or all long sleeved tops. It’s still fine to list single items, coats and dresses are best listed on their own. Like with adult clothes some brands tend to be more sought after than others, I have noticed Next, Zara and Boden amongst others are good sellers.

Selling on ebay still remains as a great way of making extra money, even with changes over the last several years to ebay. Clothes in particular are a great item to sell on ebay and as you have hopefully learnt, it is still worth selling clothes on ebay.

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  1. I stopped selling clothes on ebay because I didn’t think it was worth it. But you have done great advice here, I think I’ll be giving ebay selling another go.

  2. I almost always use buy it now for decent branded second hand clothing now. I might have to wait a while to sell, but at least I get a good price. It’s not a fortune, but I make quite a bit each month this way.

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