Become an Online Researcher with Ask Wonder

become an online researcher with ask wonder

Become an Online Researcher with Ask Wonder

I spend a lot of time on the internet and when I’m not wasting time looking at pointless stuff I’m doing research. I’ve often thought to myself wouldn’t it be great to actually be paid to do online research? And then I came across Ask Wonder.

Ask Wonder is a site where you can get paid to be one of their researchers. Ask wonder is a website where people ask questions, some quite long and detailed, which are then answered by an Ask Wonder researcher. I signed up as a researcher about a year ago after passing a test where I had to answer a mock question, but hadn’t actually done any work for them until recently. At the time I signed up they had an odd bidding system where you would bid for work and the pay per question would vary massively which put me off. They also had quite strict guidelines about answering questions and I know people that had had their work rejected and not been paid.

I’d forgotten all about Ask Wonder until I spotted an email in my inbox offering bonuses for work completed that weekend. Out of curiosity I logged on to my researcher dashboard and was pleasantly surprised to see there had been a lot of changes. The whole process of answering a question has been split up into different stages with the two main ones being the Sourcing and the Writing. All researchers are able to do the Sourcing and Writing jobs but only experienced Researchers with a certain high rating are able to accept the others. The Source and Write jobs are the main part of answering the questions though and the highest paid.

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How do I sign up?

To become a researcher for Ask Wonder you need to click on ‘Become an Analyst’ and fill out a form. You will also need to answer a test question and pass to be hired. You will then receive an email telling you whether you have been accepted or not.

become an online researcher with ask wonder

How does it work?

Once you have logged in you will be able to go to your dashboard. On the left hand side you will see a box with all upcoming jobs. To begin work you then click on the ‘go online’. You will then be able to select whether you want to see available sourcing, writing or both work and then you will be allocated a question to work on. When you first join it is very important to read the guidelines for sourcing and writing as they do have quite specific ones to follow. You need to complete a short training task first which should give you all the info you need. If you don’t want to work on the question you have been given then you don’t have to accept it, you can be allocated a new one. When you begin a task you will see a timer which starts at 60 minutes, if it gets to 0 you must make sure you click to add more time or your question might be given to somebody else. Once you have submitted everything per the requirements, your work will then be reviewed and if accepted you will be paid.

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The most important factor when it comes to online work is the pay. Ask Wonder does pay fairly well – you get paid $10 for Sourcing, and $16 if your average score is over 4.5. For writing it is a little more complicated – The base rate is $16 which you will receive if your work is given a 5 star. If you are given a 4 star review you will receive $8 (the other $8 is given to the person editing) and for a 3 star rating you will get $4 (the other $12 is given to the editor). The sourcing work takes between 30 and 60 minutes typically, and a little longer for writing tasks. Earnings are paid via PayPal every 2 weeks on a Friday

You will find that there always seem to be work available with Ask Wonder so there is potential to work as much as you want – some researchers do this full time.

The splitting up of tasks makes it easier to focus on either the sourcing part or the writing part. Additionally if you are not so keen on writing then you can just choose to do the sourcing jobs.

When you join Ask Wonder you will be asked to join something called Slack. This is a bit like a chat room for workers and you are encouraged to join the Ask Wonder group on there and keep it open when you are working. The benefit of this that there is always a staff member online and other researchers to ask for help if you get stuck on anything.


Some of the questions that come through to Wonder are a bit complicated or confusing. Some require you too fill out a spreadsheet instead of writing. What I’m trying to say is some of the work is not that easy, although you don’t have to work on anything you don’t want to.

Ask Wonder is a U.S based company and I find that some of the questions are American centric. For example I often see questions that are based on a certain location in the states, a county for example and so researchers that are not in the U.S can be at a slight disadvantage sometimes as it may be harder to understand what is being asked of them.

Although Ask Wonder has a good resource area for researchers to know what is required of them, you can still get work rejected by reviewers as they do have quite strict guidelines.

Overall I would recommend anybody seeking Online work to give Ask Wonder a try. This kind of work from home opportunity would be ideal for some people, especially if you are good at research and writing.

become an online researcher with ask wonder

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