How to Make Money Playing Bingo!

how to make money playing bingo

How to make money playing Bingo!


I do love a bit of Bingo! I used to be a regular at the local Gala bingo in my pre child days and now I like to play online Bingo when I find a good offer. Of course winning at Bingo is based on luck and most often you will spend money and get nothing in return. However there is a way to make money playing bingo by taking advantage of offers that bingo companies provide. There are literally tons of Bingo sites out there, some are part of bookmakers whilst some are independently owned or part of a group of other bingo sites. There are a small number of software platforms that Bingo operators use so many will be using the same ones. With so many Bingo sites out there. companies need to compete for customers by offering bonuses. Just about every Bingo site offers a sign up bonus of some sort such as a free amount to play with or a deposit offer where you are required to deposit a certain amount, e.g £10 and then they will give you a percentage bonus e.g 300% so for depositing £10 you will receive an additional £30 to play with. So with this additional bonus money you are more likely to win and make a profit playing bingo.

Sign up offers

Bingo Bonuses for joining a site can vary and it is important to understand that not every bonus is risk free. The risk free bonus offers are good because you normally don’t need to deposit any money at all and just play with the bonus given and hope to win. With the sign up offers where you need to deposit your own money there is a risk you do not win anything and so will not get that money back however having more money to play with means more chance of winning.


It is important to check the terms and conditions for each Bingo site’s bonus. I would definitely recommend using one of the Matched Betting Sites like Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey which has a Bingo section and talks you through what you need to do to complete the offer. with some of the deposit X get X Bonus offers you need to spend the whole bonus before you receive any winnings. This is because the winnings from any games come back as bonus money instead of withdrawable money. For example if you deposit £10 and then receive an extra £30 then you would need to try and spend all £40 at once (which will involve quickly entering rooms and buying maximum tickets and then moving on to the next one until your balance gets to £0 or as close as). As the games finish then any of the winnings should then be added to your main cash balance which you can then withdraw. It does sound a little complicated but this is a good loophole than allows profit to be made from certain offers!. It can be better explained by signing up to a dedicated Matched Betting site.

Occasionally some of the risk free bingo bonus offers will require you to wager the bonus a certain amount of times before any winnings can be withdrawn. For example if you had a £5 bonus that needs to wagered 5 times then you would need to try and spend £25 on playing but obviously if your balance goes to £0 before you manage that then you end it there.


There are a few things you can do to increase your chance at making a profit. When you go to play bingo on any site you enter the ‘lobby’ which is where you will see all the bingo rooms to play in. You will be able to see details about each room such as how many players there are, what type of bingo it is (i.e 75 ball/90 ball) and the amount of the prize money. To maximise changes of winning the game you need to look for rooms with less players. A room with too fewer players means that the overall prize may be very low so I would look for rooms with around 20 players and no more than 40 at the maximum. A good time to play bingo is usually between 1p and 4pm when there seems to be less people playing. Make sure to check the prize money as there’s no good on spending money on tickets for the game and realising the potential winnings actually come to less!

Some bingo offers require you to enter a code and this is usually done by entering the lobby and then looking for the bonus code box and entering it there.

Cashback Websites

If you go on any of the Cashback websites such as Topcashback or Quidco you will see that there are loads of cashback offers on Bingo sites. This is great as you can sometimes get additional cashback as well as whatever bonus you receive from that Bingo site. Additionally, if you are not confident enough to try out a bingo offer then you can just play as you normally would and then receive the cashback. Often the cashback amount will be for around the amount you are required to deposit and play with which means that even if you weren’t to win anything, with the cashback received you wouldn’t end up having lost anything or would have only made a very small loss.

There is definitely a lot of money to be made by taking advantage of Bingo bonuses. It’s up to you whether you feel comfortable only trying the risk free offers or going for the low risk offers with potential for more gain.

To get you started here are some risk free New customer bingo bonuses on offer with the following sites;

Sing Bingo (£5 FREE)

Treasure Bingo (£5 FREE)

Costa Bingo (£5 FREE)

Rewind Bingo (£5 FREE)

Slingo (£5 FREE)

Happy Bingo-ing!

how to make money playing bingo

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  1. Good article, I enjoyed reading it. I particularly liked the cashback site tip, which is always good value.

    There are other specialised bingo affiliate sites as well, which list free play and no deposit offers. We run a website which features various offers which require either no deposit or no card details to play, so you can get started risk-free. With that said, most of the sites require you to make a deposit prior to a withdrawal, so there is not much chance of walking away with some real money prizes without spending any of your hard earned dosh.

    A couple pages you may like include:


    Best of luck playing the game you love 🙂

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