How I made over £4000 with Matched Betting – Getting started with Profit Accumulator

matched betting with profit accumulator

Matched Betting is just about the easiest and one of the most profitable ways to make money online.
It was a several years ago when I first came across matched betting being mentioned on a forum but after reading a bit about it, I concluded it was way too complicated for me. But I was wrong.

Last year I again saw some posts talking about Matched Betting on a different forum. Many people were discussing how they were using a site called Profit Accumulator, a membership site where you are given access to Tutorials, all the available matched betting offers, tools and a busy forum for support. Inspired by the money others were making I decided to sign up for the free trial at Profit Accumulator and I’m so glad I did. To date I have made well over £4,000 with matched betting just from picking the easiest offers.

What is Matched Betting?

I’m not going to go into detail about how to do Matched Betting as there is simply no need as the training videos on Profit Accumulator explain it simply with their videos and talk you through real life examples. Matched Betting basically involves taking advantage of promotions Bookmakers provide. Most Bookies offer sign up offers to new members and continue to provide regular offers to its members. Some types of offers are;

Bet ? And get a ? free bet.
Bet ? And get a refund if it loses.
Horse racing refunds
Casino bonuses
Accumulator refunds
Bingo offers

There is no gambling involved (apart from low risk casino and bingo offers if you choose to do these). You place a bet and then back it on a betting exchange (Betfair or Smarkets being the most popular) effectively cancelling each other out so you do not lose money whatever the result. The profit comes from using free bet you are then given.

Who is Matched Betting for?

Anybody! I was originally put off matched betting as I thought it was too complicated and that you needed to be good at maths. That simply isn’t the case as its surprisingly easy once you understand the basic methodology. Profit Accumulator also provides all the calculators you need to know how much money to bet so there are no maths to do yourself. I had never in my life placed a sports bet before I started matched betting but that was no problem at all. There are many people like me, stay at home mums and dads and those looking to supplement their income, all earning money easily with matched betting.

profit accumulator free trial


How do I get started?

All you need to get started is to sign up with the free trial at Profit Accumulator. With the trial you first watch the training videos where it provides a step by step guide to signing up and completing offers with two different bookies. From the trial you should make £40-45 profit.
You will need around £60/70 to start with although the more money you can use for matched betting, the faster you can work through all the offers and profit. I personally started with £200.

Once you realise how easy it is you will kick yourself for not starting sooner! If you want to continue with matched betting it is far easier to use a site like Profit Accumulator where all the offers are given to you rather than hunting them yourself. I found the forum there invaluable too if I needed any help. Membership is £17.99 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

I would also recommend using a spreadsheet to record the bookies you are signed up to, the bets you place and how much money you are making (Its nice to see it increasing!). I used a spreadsheet that had already been formatted for matched betting purposes which you can download here.

So thats it! I would urge anybody who is looking to make online to give matched betting a go as it so easy and can be very profitable! If you need any help and are not yet a paying member of PA you can still get help from others on the dedicated matched betting area on The Money Shed forum or comment below and I will do my best to help 🙂



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