Get Paid for Transcription Work with CrowdSurf

transcription work with crowdsurf

Get Paid for Transcription work with Crowdsurf

Today I am going to talk to you about another way to make money from home by transcribing audio into text. The site where this takes place is a not so well known site called CrowdSurf. By signing up as a transcriber with Crowdsurf you are paid to complete tasks where you typically transcribe 10-25 seconds of audio/video into written text. The pay for most tasks is 8-13 cents and while it certainly isn’t a well paid job there are some good points about doing this which I will explain later.

Getting Started

Crowdsurf Sign Up

work market crowdsurf


To get started, things are a little complicated to begin with as you actually sign up with a different website called Work Market. Work Market is the company that will actually pay you (via Paypal) and where you will need to do a test to be accepted with Crowdsurf.

When you sign up you will need to use the same email you use for paypal. Once registered you will also need to fill in your paypal details under the payment details section of your profile and fill out your tax information where you will need your national insurance number. After you have completed these details you will receive an email inviting you to complete the test for Crowd surf which you must pass to be accepted.

How to pass the Crowdsurf Test?

You can either click on the link in the email or you should see an invitation to join the crowdsurf talent pool under the tests section on your work market dashboard. There are 18 questions and you need 75% correct answers to pass. However one of those 18 questions requires you to actually transcribe a video and this is worth 40% of the test so you must basically get this right to pass. The other questions are multiple choice. Before beginning the test you MUST read through the General Guidelines which tells you all about the rules around transcribing with Crowdsurf . Despite reading all the guidelines I actually failed the test first time! The only thing I could think that I might have done wrong is that I hadn’t put full stops at the end of every speaker so I did this on my second attempt. Make sure you use capital letters at the start of each person speaking and always use the >> for the next speaker. Make sure you try and get the names of the people right as well. I passed the second time so I must have done something right but it looks like they are very strict when it comes to getting it correct in the test!

Once you have completed the test you will be told if you passed and given the correct answers. However the answer for transcribing the video isn’t actually assessed immediately so if you if you fail that you may not have actually passed after all even if it says you did (I did say this site was a little complicated!).

You then need to wait for an email providing your login details (if the crowdsurf team have decided you have passed). It states this will take 5-10 working days to receive this email however I got mine after 11 days.

Completing Tasks

You will need to login to the Crowdsurf platform which is where you will do your transcribing. The platform is very simple to use, you simply click on tasks and then click on view to start receiving transcription tasks. It will start playing the audio/video and then you need to accept the task to begin working on it or you can skip it to receive the next task. If you accept you will listen to the audio and then type in the box. A spell check is provided before you are able to press submit.
The tasks will keep coming one after another but you can exit by going back to dashboard at anytime.

You need to ensure you are being as accurate as possible as you may get terminated if your transcribing is not up to the Crowdsurf standard. The first day I worked every task I submitted was assessed but after that only the occasional is assessed and the rest are approved straight away. The tasks that are assessed are scored out of 4 and feedback is often provided which is helpful.

crowdsurf task

The Pros

Despite the low pay there are some positives about working for Crowdsurf; the first is that you are paid very quickly! It normally only takes a few hours for Crowdsurf to send your payment over to Work Market. From Work Market you can then immediately withdraw to paypal (for a small $1 fee) with no minimum requirement and the money is normally in your paypal account within 24 hours. This means that you basically get paid the very next day for work you did that day which is great!

The other excellent thing about Crowdsurf is that there is ALWAYS tasks available. You will never log in and find there are no tasks available to do as there is always a constant supply of work to do so you can do as many as you wish.

The Cons

The downside of transcribing for Crowdsurf is the obvious low pay. You wont make more than a few pounds per hour although how much you work is somewhat dependent on how fast you can complete tasks, but the most you can make is probably going to be around £4 an hour.
The hourly pay is similar to many survey sites and I personally find this more interesting, I have transcribed all sorts of videos from T.V shows to political meetings and I’ve actually learnt a lot new things!

The sign up process can seem a little complicated but from the time you are accepted to Crowdsurf it is all straightforward and easy to understand

Hopefully some of you will find this post useful as another source to make money from home.

get paid for transcription work with crowdsurf


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  1. Very interesting! At first I was a bit concerned about the low pay, but you’ve caught my interest again with the quick payment option. Also, like you say, it’s probably more entertaining than survey sites.

    I’ve broken my overall debt down in to more manageable segments, so I think I’ll get set up on this and work towards a goal. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Glad this could be of interest to some people, I don’t think many have heard of it before. I was very impressed with the fast pay 🙂

  3. Interesting! I’ve wondering about transcribing work before but haven’t heard of this company. The fast pay and the fact that there’s always work available could be useful for people in a tight spot, even if it’s not a good long term option.

  4. I’ve never come across this one before, but it’s good to know things like this are out there, especially if they bring consistent work. Plus it’s experience if you wanted to go on to list your services for a higher rate on People Per Hour/UpWork/Fiverr

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