Get Paid to Review Websites with What Users Do and User Testing

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Get Paid to Review websites – What Users Do and User Testing

Looking for another easy money making opportunity that pays better than survey sites? Get Paid to review websites! With the online companies What Users Do and User Testing you simply get paid to give your opinions on their clients websites (sometimes apps too). Using their platform they will record you speaking and verbally giving your opinions and answering questions that will appear on the screen. Some tasks will have only have a few questions and take around 5 minutes while some may be more in depth and take around 20 minutes. You will need to buy a headset with a microphone if you don’t already own one. Both What Users Do and User Testing are similar in how they operate and it is definitely worth signing up to both.

What Users Do.

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What Users Do is one popular site for jobs reviewing and testing websites. What Users Do requires you to complete a practice test before offering you paid work. After signing up they will guide you through how to download the screen recorder and complete the test but don’t worry its very simple! Once accepted you will be paid £5 for each job which normally takes around 15-20 minutes. You will be notified when there is task available by email and you usually will receive between 3-5 emails per month. Payment is received via Paypal once a month.

User Testing

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I personally prefer User Testing over What Users Do, mainly as there is more work avavilable. Like What Users Do, you need to complete and submit a practice test to join. With User Testing you login to your dashboard to see what tests they have available, I like to keep the site open when Im working on other things as you receive a ping to alert you to any new available ones. User Testing also sends an email to notify you of work however by the time you log on they may have gone. The tasks vary in length, there are many shorter jobs that pay $3 which only take a few minutes and just want your general opinion on the website in question, whilst the longer ones pay $10 and take 15-20 minutes normally. Some jobs require you to meet certain requirements so you will be asked a few questions to determine if you can go ahead. Receiving payment is very easy with User Testing as they will send the money to your paypal account after reviewing your recording, you dont need to do anything.

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It can feel a little strange to speak out loud at first but it does get easier the more you do it! Just remember to try and keep talking and offer any thoughts you might have whilst also keeping the on screen questions to mind. Thankfully you can pause the recording at any time if you need to.

The only potential downside of this type of work is that you need to be in a fairly quiet environment. Therefore if you have young children around this may be too challenging! I learnt this when trying to complete a task and having to continiously pause everytime my daughter shouted “mummy”! (which feels like every minute of the day.) Even shutting the door didnt work as you could still have heard her banging on it, hence why I only undertake website review work while she’s at preschool now…

Getting paid to review websites is a great way to earn extra money from home and the pay is pretty good too. The work can be quite fun and you are also helping to improve websites and the good old internet 🙂

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