My Favourite Survey Sites in 2017.

5 favourite survey sites 2017

My favourite Survey Sites 2017

Survey sites are a popular way to make extra money from home. You get paid to simply answer questions and fill in some basic demographic information about you self. Whilst they are easy and something anybody can do, they are usually low paid. There are so many survey sites out there but some that are not worth using in my opinion. Having tried out many survey sites I thought I would offer 5 of my favourite survey sites that I currently use in 2017.

Prolific Academic

prolific academic site

Prolific Academic is easily my favourite survey site. The majority of surveys on offer are submitted by Universities and Academic researchers and thus tend to be more interesting than surveys on other sites. One great aspect of Prolific is that you never get screened out, once you have selected the study you are good to go. Prolific Academic is one of the best paying survey sites out there and you can cash out when you reach £5. There is now a small charge to cash out with PayPal or you can get paid via circle which is free. The only downside to Prolific is that surveys can fill up very quickly (you can see how many spaces are left for each survey) so you need to check regularly.


panelbase review

Panelbase is another good survey site that offers a decent amount of surveys. Payment is typically around £2 for a 20 minute survey and there are also many shorter ones for less pay. You can cash out once you have reached £10 and the money goes straight into your bank account.


mintvine uk review

Mintvine is a very popular survey site. There is a great amount of surveys on offer and most the time there is constant stream of them available. It can be very annoying when you get rejected for surveys but with Mintvine you receive 6 points for every screen out which is a little consolation. Mintvine also does a daily poll where you get 5 points for answering. To cash out you need 1,000 points which equals $10 (around £7.70 at present) and you can choose to receive this by PayPal or vouchers.


pinecone uk review

Pinecone is one of the higher paying survey sites paying a fixed £3 for every survey which takes about 15 minutes to complete. The majority of their surveys have the same theme and are about an idea for a new product and can be quite interesting. Joining the Pinecone Panel requires them to be accepting new people and for you to find a valid referral link which I have found here

Surveys are available by email invite only and there are no screen outs. You are also able to cash out after each survey completed via PayPal. Another benefit of Pinecone as they may occasionally send you a new product to try although the most exciting item I have received from them was bathroom cleaner! On the negative side there are not many surveys available and I typically only receive 4 a month.

Usability Hub

usability hub review


Not as well known as other survey sites, Usability Hub is a great site for very short and easy surveys. Each survey available gives you instructions where you are often simply asked to just pick your favourite design out of several options and then you may be asked to answer 1-5 questions which normally takes 1 minute or less. Each task pays 10 cents and you can get paid once you have reached $20. Whilst I usually only get to do around 5 a day and therefore it can take a while to have enough money accrued to cash out, the tests are so quick and easy that I find it worth keeping the site open in my browser. You can also choose to get a ping when a task is available which is useful.

Although some survey sites seem to work better for others, hopefully this post has provided some ideas on which sites may be worth signing up for. I have personally used and received money from all the websites mentioned without any problems. Survey sites remain one of the easiest ways to earn money from home and supplement your income.

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