Earn Money with OhMyDosh!

earn money with ohmydosh

This week I have signed up to a new money making website that was launched just days ago and it’s name is OhMyDosh (love the name!). OhMyDosh is quite an interesting site, at first glance you can see that there are many ways to earn money. The main premise of the site seems to be that you get paid to complete offers and sign up to trials. It reminds me of similar sites I’ve used in the past but also reminds me of cashback sites. It looks like an ‘all in one’ place to earn money as you can even get paid for additional things like taking surveys. OhMyDosh looks like it has great potential for earning money as there seemed to be a lot of offers with many brands featured.

How Does OhMyDosh Work?

It’s free to sign up and I was instantly credited with 50p and then another 50p for confirming my email. From the main page is where you ‘earn dosh’ by completing offers. The ways to earn are split into different categories which are;

Hot Offers
No Spend
Save Money

Next to the title of each offer you will see how much it is worth so you know how much you will get paid. The amount varies for each offer but it looked like most were a couple of quid and there were quite a few worth £15 or more! Some of the offers require you to sign up for a free trial so if you do those then don’t forget to cancel. Some of the offers look like they require you to spend a small amount of money but the amount you get paid is often either the same or more so it makes it worth doing.
There is a ‘no spend’ section where there are lots of offers that don’t require spending anything. You can also get paid to enter competitions for free and take surveys which obviously don’t cost you anything and are a nice little money earner.

The gambling section features offer from Bookies and Bingo sites and is similar to what you find on cashback sites. A lot of the offers in the gambling section are ‘deposit and play with £10’ type offers and earn you £15 so you will be in profit even if you lose your deposit with the gambling site.

When you click on any offer you will see instructions and the terms of the offer so make sure you follow these to ensure you get paid.

To cashout at OhMyDosh you need a minimum of £10. You can then withdraw this to your PayPal Account. Because many of the offers on the site require confirmation from the retailer it may take some time for the money to be approved (like cashback sites). The amount you have earned will appear as ‘pending’ until that time and you can track your earnings by clicking on your account. There is also a refer a friend feature which earns you a nice £5 when your friend cash’s out.

It certainly looks OhMyDosh is a good website to earn money. A lot of the offers seem to be quite well paid and I liked that there was a variety of ways to earn so there should be something for everybody. 🙂

To sign up for OhMyDosh click here.

earn money with ohmydosh

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