How to Earn more Cash this Christmas and avoid the Winter wallet blues!

how to earn more money this christmas

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How to earn more Cash this Christmas and avoid the Winter wallet blues!

For most of us the Christmas period inevitably means an increase in spending. I do love this time of year but I’m not so in love with all the extra costs Christmas brings. With presents and food to buy and Christmas events to attend, affording everything can be a real struggle for many people. Its not only Christmas that can be bad for the bank balance. Winter, in general, increases the cost of just about everything, from fuel for your car to the gas bill. On top of this, 2017 has also brought about numerous financial worries for us Brits – what with the impacts of Brexit, changes to benefits and the introduction of Universal Credit and an increase in interest rates.

However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom with a bit of money savvyness! Today I’m going to talk about ways to earn extra cash this Christmas and avoid the winter wallet blues!

If you have read my blog before then you will know that I love to make money online. Here are some of my favourites ways to earn you extra money for Christmas, including a great opportunity from Heads&Heads.;

Selling on Ebay

Now is a great time to be selling on eBay. Not only is a good idea to get rid of any unwanted stuff before your house fills up again with Christmas gifts but you will also make money! People are always looking for items they can give as gifts even if they are second hand. Good things to sell this time of year are Toys, Christmas themed items, winter wear such as coats and jumpers and party dresses. It is normally free to list most things on eBay so no excuse not to get started selling and earning today!

Smartphone Apps

Just about everyone owns a smartphone these days but many don’t realise the potential they have to earn you money. There are simply loads of apps out there to download, where you get paid to do various things. Most of these apps feature jobs where you get paid to visit places such as shops and restaurants and take pictures and answer a few questions. Most of these type of jobs are found in city centres which make these apps perfect for making extra cash at Christmas – these can be done around your Christmas shopping! If you don’t fancy walking around in the cold then there are also apps that pay you to do tasks at home, usually just for answering questions.

Reviewing Websites

Being paid to review websites is another great way to earn more money. There are two main websites – What Users do and User Testing that allow you to sign up as a website reviewer. You need a headset with a microphone and you verbally give your opinions on a site and follow the on screen instructions. The pay is between $5 and $10 typically and takes no more than 20 minutes, ideal for earning in your spare time.

Matched Betting

I’ve saved the best until last! Matched Betting is one of my favourite ways to earn money online. In terms of earning potential, matched betting beats most other ways to earn extra cash. The great thing about Matched Betting is that anyone can do it, whether you are working full time and looking to supplement your income or a stay at home parent who wants a way to earn from home. I have already made over £5000 from matched betting, just by doing offers in my spare time. You can get started with Matched Betting today and start earning in time for Christmas!

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting basically involves taking advantage of offers and bonuses that Book makers use to incentivise new and existing customers. Matched Betting requires you to sign up to various bookies and then place a bet to unlock a free bet or other bonus. These bets are risk free as you use a betting exchange like Betfair to ‘lay’ your bets. If that sounds daunting then don’t worry, I have just the solution for both beginners and the more experienced Matched Betters; The Matched Betting site Heads&Heads.

I was recently contacted by James who runs Heads&Heads and was very impressed. I have used similar sites in the past and find them vital for doing matched betting. Firstly Heads and Heads is incredibly useful for beginners thanks to its useful training videos and community support. When you become a member of Heads&Heads you get access to a huge array of offers including reload and Bingo offers so there’s no need to hunt for them yourself. You also get access to all the tools you will need for matched betting such as the calculator and Oddsmatching software which shows you what to bet on. Heads&Heads offer a free trial to get a taste of all they have to offer and to become a premium member and get access to everything then it will cost you just £14.99 a month.

heads&heads review

You can get a 1 month premium membership for just £1 by clicking here and entering my unique discount OWF-1 when signing up!

Matched Betting is a brilliant risk free method of making money online and Heads & Heads is a great option to help you with it. Thankfully there are lots of ways to earn more cash this Christmas and keep your wallet happy!


how to earn more cash this christmas

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  2. I never seem to get accepted for any tests on User Testing any more, nothing at all this year I don’t think which is a shame. What Users Do has offered up a test or two each month though. Great guest post with some brilliant ideas to earn a few extra pennies 🙂

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