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For an introduction to CreateSpace and help with getting your book prepared then please read Part 1 first!

This post will focus on using CreateSpace to upload your book to Amazon. Using CreateSpace can seem a little daunting but hopefully this tutorial should help you when going through the process. There is also a helpful community forum on the CreateSpace website where you can ask questions if you get stuck. I’ve taken some screenshots but please note that your screen might look a little different as I have already inputted some information for a previous book.

So firstly you need to sign in to CreateSpace! From your dashboard you should see ‘add new title’ on the left hand side which you need to click on. On the first page that you should see, you need to enter the title of your book. Make sure that the title matches the one you have written in your book/book cover. Select Paperback and then for the setup process choose guided.

createspace tutorial

On the next screen you need to enter some basic info about your book. You need to enter the title again and a subtitle if you have one. Next to author you need to add your name which of course can be a pen name if you wish. You can ignore series title and just put a 1 next to edition number. Leave the publication date blank as CreateSpace will assign the date for you. Click save and continue.

createspace tutorial

The next page is the ISBN page. Every book that is published must have an ISBN number. You will see a few options but just select ‘Free CreateSpace assigned ISBN’ and then a pop up should appear and you select ‘Assign free ISBN’.

The next page refers to the book interior (Your book minus the cover). Select Black and White unless your book has photos in it. Remember that having colour in your book will mean you get less royalty as it costs more to print colour. You can choose to have your pages white or Cream, I personally prefer cream. Next to that you will notice Trim Size. This is the size of your book and it is best to stick to the industry standard sizes (6 x 9 or 8 x 10 are good options). You can choose to change this from this page if you want to.

Next select upload your Book File (Presuming you have it ready at this point) and save.

On the next page is where you select details about your book cover. You can choose from a Matte or Glossy finish for the cover and then you need to pick how you will submit your cover. The easiest option is to select ‘Build your cover online’ which takes you to CreateSpace’s cover creator. If you have your own cover to upload then choose ‘upload a print ready PDF cover’ and then you upload your cover in pdf format. If you go with the first option then you will launch the cover creator which is where you will design your cover. It is reasonably straight forward – you can choose a theme, add text and images and basically customise it how you want.

createspace tutorial

Once you have your cover done you need to go back to the interior screen by clicking on it on the left hand side of the screen. Now you need to upload your book file which can either be as a .doc file or a pdf (pdf is best as it is quicker to upload). When the upload is finished you should see a Bleed option – just leave it as the default option which is ‘Ends BEFORE the end of the page’. Also make sure the interior reviewer is selected as this will check for errors.

createspace tutorial

The Reviewer should take a few minutes and then you should see a different screen. If there are any problems with your file then you will get a message and help on how to fix it. You can see what your book will actually look like by clicking on Launch interior reviewer! If there anything you are unhappy with you can make changes and upload the file again.

Now you will notice on the menu on the left under Cover it will say ‘Action Required’. That is because CreateSpace now knows the number of pages in your book so has re-calibrated the spine dimensions of the book cover. Just click on Cover and then resave the cover you have already got selected.

Next click on ‘Complete Set Up’ on the side menu where you should see summary of all the info on your book you have given CreateSpace so far. If everything looks ok then click on ‘Submit files for review’. This then sends your book to CreateSpace for manual review which will take at least a few hours and could be several  days. If there are any issues with the book then they will let you know. While waiting for approval then you should fill out some additional details.

Under distribute on the menu on the left you can choose where you want your book distributed. Amazon will already be selected but you may as well select the others as well. You may not be able to select ‘Bookstores and Online Retailers’ at the moment as you don’t have a BISAC code ( a standardized subject code used by the book industry)which you can get when you enter the book description. Next click on ‘Description’ and enter all the details for your book which are to be shown on Amazon. Click save and then go back to Distribution Channels and you should be able to select ‘Bookstores and online Retailers’ and then save again.

Now you need to select your pricing. On this screen you can choose the price for your book and calculate your royalty.

createspace tutorial

Once you have sorted out your pricing then that should be everything! You need to wait for an email from CreateSpace telling you whether your book has been approved and then you need to login and give your final approval of everything and then your book will be listed for sale on Amazon!

Thankfully the CreateSpace process is relatively straight forward and there is help every step of the way (don’t forget you can click on the ‘what’s this?’ text for additional help) Hopefully this CreateSpace Tutorial will be of some help!

Using CreateSpace is a great option for self publishing especially as its free and the books are listed on Amazon – the biggest online retailer in the world!

createspace tutorial


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  1. Very interesting. I’ve self-published Kindle ebooks but not print books, and I know I should really give it a try. Nowadays you can also publish paperbacks via Kindle Direct Publishing, so I’d be interested to hear your views on how this compares with publishing on CreateSpace.

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