My 5 Best Websites to Earn Money in 2021!

best websites for making money 2021

Blog Update!


Well I thought it was about time this blog was updated! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I last posted anything. I have still been very involved with money making and money saving, I just haven’t felt much like writing about it. I started a new job in April 2018 which kept me busy and then I fell pregnant in 2019 with our little rainbow baby who was born in 2020 (after a loss in the Summer of 2018). Obviously Covid has had a huge affect on every bodies lives since March last year too. I’m still not sure how we survived having a newborn and home schooling my older child during the first lockdown but we did!.

Anyway fast forward to now and after deciding not to go back to my job after my maternity leave, I’m back to focusing on ways to make money online from home. I thought I would share my current favourite sites for earning online in 2021;

Crisp Thinking.

This is my main earner at the moment. The work for Crisp basically involves moderating comments on forums and social media for different clients. I have been working for them for over a year now and its been a really good earner. The best thing about Crisp is that you can log in whenever you want and there is nearly always content to work on so its very flexible. The pay is per item reviewed so the hourly rate depends on how fast you work and how much content there is. To apply you need to visit the site here and complete the first test. You need to score 19/20 to be added to the waiting list (you receive an email straight after the test with your score) and you can take the test as many times as you like which is good because it is a little tricky! It can take a while to move to the next stage (I waited 11 months) but well worth it if you get accepted.


Intellizoom involves voicing your opinions on websites or prototypes. The tests are recorded using a microphone. Some tests are done on your computer and some can be taken on your phone. Intellizoom pay $8 per test and usually take 10-20 mins to do. There are also tests called ‘card sorts’ which are shorter and don’t require you to record yourself which pay $5. You get paid automatically to your PayPal account around 3 weeks after completing a test. I find the tests very easy to do so its nice little money earner


UserTesting is quite similar to Intellizoom as again you are paid to record yourself reviewing websites using your computer or smartphone. There tends to be more tests available although I find a lot of tests are looking for specific demographics so you can get screened out a lot. I like that they pay $10 via paypal and it only takes 7 days to get paid.

The only downside to Intellizoom and UserTesting is that I have to wait until the baby is asleep so I don’t get disturbed!


I have probably mentioned Prolific tonnes of times already but it still remains my favourite survey site and the only survey site I bother with these days. The studies are varied and even quite interesting and the pay per survey is decent. I would recommend this site for newbies starting to make money online as the surveys are easy and straightforward. You can request an instant pay out to Paypal once your balance reaches £5. Surveys do tend to fill up quick so I would recommend downloading the Prolific survey notification extension on Chrome.


Clickworker is a site where you get paid to do various ‘micro tasks and surveys. Anyone can sign up and available jobs are displayed when you sign in. The main money to be earned however is through ‘UHRS’ which you need to log into from the Clickworker home page and it  is here were you find micro tasks to do. You will need to do an assessment to gain access to the UHRS section. The jobs can be hit or miss as some of them are quite complicated and are not worth it but some are very quick and easy so there is potential to make good money.

So there you have my 5 favourite ways of earning money online at present. I am also exploring a few other websites for making money from home, which I will write about soon.

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